Camping Schedule 2020

April 17-19 -- CANCELLED
Bully Creek in Vale, OR

May 1-3 -- CANCELLED
McCormick Park in the Hells Canyon Area, Hwy71, 29 miles northwest of Cambridge, ID. Reservations 844-472-7275 

May 29-31
Ft Running Bear Campground in Mountain Home, ID
(208) 462-5523 (contact Janet if you are attending)

June 26-28

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area, in Huntington, Oregon.   

July 24-26
Huckleberry Campground, Lake Cascade, ID

August 14-16

Riverpond Campground in Crouch / Garden City, ID
(208) 462-8000

September 11-13
Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, ID
Joint Campout with Mountain Home High Desert Travelers