Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2017

Tumbleweeds--Meeting Minutes 
Location: Idaho Pizza Company, Meridian, ID 
Date: January 28, 2017 

Meeting Called to Order at 11:45am by President Mark Bennett 

Chapter Members: Tino & Janet Sanchez, Mark & Emma Bennett, Roy Bowman & Rosemary Zimbelman, Deb Knudsen & Nancy Schlossman, Jim Craft & Rita Anderson, Dennis & Marcia Seibel, Jim & Beccie McDonnell, Mike & Cathie Mickelsen
Chapter Friends:
Guests: Chapter Friends: Guests: 

Minutes from last meeting: not read 

Treasures Report: not read 

Old Business: 

New Business: 

  • Marcia conducted elections for 2017 officers. Votes were submitted via secret ballots and tabulated by Secretary Janet Sanchez. Results were: 
o President – Mark Bennett o Vice President – Rita Anderson o Secretary/Treasurer – Janet Sanchez 
  • Mark Bennett provided a schedule for 2017 campouts and led the discussion to determine locations and hosts. 
Thanks to Wagon Masters N/A 

Next Campout: April 7,8,9, 2017 Farewell Bend. Jim & Rita wagon masters 

Meeting adjourned: 12:25pm 

Janet Sanchez