Saturday, March 12, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS: Bruneau Sand Dunes campout

 Mark your calendars!! Camping season begins in just 20 days! The campout at Bruneau Sand Dunes for April 1-2 is a 


Beccie & Jim McDonell graciously offered to be the wagonmasters with Saturday's dinner being a TOTAL potluck. Bring whatever food warms your heart and tummy!

Reservations can be made at Jim & I just picked up site #75 in the Eagle Cove campground. LOTS of open space for all to enjoy. 

For the newbies, I forgot to mention at the meeting that for happy hour and dinners, it's BYOB and BYOP -- bring your own beverage and bring your own plates/napkins/utensils. Also, bring a serving utensil to go with the food you bring.  Wagonmasters are not expected to provide plates/napkins/utensils for these gatherings. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Stay healthy and happy travels,

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise

Sunday, March 6, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS REMINDER for upcoming meeting

Wow, it's March already and the weather is starting to warm up ... slowly! Counting days until Spring begins and camping season really kicks in!!! 😎

REMINDER: Our first "campout" (aka get-together) is next Saturday, March 12th @ noon, Outback Steakhouse on Overland in Boise. Come enjoy a fantastic lunch and discuss the upcoming year. Bring your appetites and questions!

If you have not yet RSVPed for this gathering, please do so BY MONDAY, MARCH 7th. We need to give the restaurant a headcount so they can have seating arranged. Either fill in the Campout Planning sheet ( or let me know ASAP!

Confirmed -- we have 38 so far:
  • Rita & Jim
  • Mark
  • Tom & Kit
  • Bonnie & Dennis (+2)
  • John & Nancy
  • Roy & Rosemary
  • Bill & Pat
  • Lou & Kathy
  • Mae
  • Le & Carla
  • Jim & Beccie
  • Mike & Cathie
  • Ryan
  • Katie & Frank
  • Marcia
  • Marji & Phil
  • Julie & David
  • Dani & Ted
  • Mark & Sally
  • Kathie & Bill
Also, please remember, your bill at Outback will NOT include the tip -- and since these folks work very hard to accommodate us, when you are paying, PLEASE tip generously!! It will be most appreciated!

Warm Lake Reservation time for the Sept 9-11 campout is coming up next week. Depending on which day you will be arriving, that's the day you need to make reservations (ex: if arriving Friday 9/9, you need to make reservations 3/9. If Tuesday, 9/6, you need to make reservations 3/6 -- that's tomorrow!). Marcia Seibel will be sending out more information shortly. Contact Marcia at <seibel703@gmail.comif you have questions. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone and getting the 2022 Camping Season off to a fantastic start. 

Safe Travels and Stay Healthy, 

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise

Final notice for Warm Lake

This is a final reminder I will send for making your Warm Lake reservation for the camp-out on Sept. 9, 10 and 11, 2022.  

Pick your arrival date and go back 6 months for reservation. If you are arriving Sept. 9 reservation needs to be made March 9.  
Reservation site is:      
Campsite is:  Shoreline.  
Reservations start at 8:00 A.M. our time.

Also don't forget the Spring get together at Boise Outback on Overland Rd., Saturday, March 12 at 12:00.  Hope to see everyone there!!

Marcia Seibel 
Cell:  631-4435