Friday, April 29, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS: Bully Creek campout

Oops, I thought I sent this on Tuesday. My apologies! 

First of all, let me thank everyone who showed up for the campout at Snake River this past weekend. It was interesting, for sure. Friday night was COLD and WINDY! Brrrr!!! Everyone was bundled up and your food was cold by the time you got to the bench to sit and eat. But we braved the elements!

Saturday evening was much nicer. The wind died down and it was even a bit warmer. You at least had a chance to eat your food warm!

May 13-15 at Bully Creek Reservoir, just outside Vale, OR. 
If you haven't made your reservations yet, call (541) 473-2969 for reservations. You will need to leave a message and they will call you back. Be sure to tell them you are with the TUMBLEWEEDS. Cost is $15 per night. Electric only but there are water spigots around the campground. It's CASH OR CHECK only. NO CREDIT CARDS!

Wagonmasters are Marcia & Dennis and Rita & Jim. More info on food, directions, etc. will be coming shortly. But a REMINDER: If you are bringing your ATV/UTV, you need to have an Oregon registration to ride.  

There are currently only 17 folks attending:
  • Rita & Jim
  • Nany & John
  • Roy & Rosemary
  • Mae
  • Marcia & Dennis
  • Marji & Phil
  • Sally & John
  • Julie & David
  • Lois & Bill 
If you are planning on attending, please either fill in the CAMPING PLANNER (click here) or let me know and I will fill in the information for you. For easier access, I have moved the tab for this campout to the first position when you pull up the planner. 

I have also added a list of all the email addresses for TUMBLEWEED members and prospects. If you want to send an email to everyone, simply click on the EMAILS tab, copy column C, and paste it into the TO field in your email message. That will send the email to everyone. Now you don't have to wonder WHO to send to or what a member's email address is -- all the addresses are in this list! 

Looking forward to Bully Creek. Should be lots of green grass and I'm hoping the trees are in bloom by then!

Safe Travels,

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise
Camping Planner:

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Quite a few who attended the campout at Snake River RV asked where to purchase the FIRE SHAKERS spices we had out. Here is the link to the website. Nancy and Rich have been friends of ours for many years and are currently living in Colorado. 

Their shakers are made from homegrown peppers and are very reasonably priced! If you'd like a little spice added to your food, check these out. Shipping is FREE in the USA! 

Happy Eating!

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise
Camping Planner:

April 30 Deadline on Oasis on the Snake Reservations

If you are planning to attend the June 3 - 5 campout at the Oasis On The Snake RV Resort in Huntington, Oregon, and have not made your reservations, please call Tracie at 1-541-262-3833 by April 30, 2022, to receive the group rate and to guarantee your spot for the campout.  The office is open for calls Monday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Leave a message if no one answers.  Be sure to mention you are with the Tumbleweeds.  Do not book through the internet.  Tracie added one additional spot for a total of 21 block spaces for our group.  

As of today, three spots remained.  Rates are $40.74 per night including tax, and the spots are full hook-ups.  Rates are good June 1 through June 5 in case you want to come in early.  After April 30 all spots not booked in our blocked space will be open to the public to reserve.  More information on the campout will be coming soon.  

You will be camping in Oregon so if you plan to UTV ride or fish, you will need to purchase Oregon licenses. You can get an Oregon fishing license online or in Huntington for $23.00 for one day or $42.00 for 2 days.  Oregon ATV/UTV permits can be purchased online on the Oregon State Parks Home Store page.  Cost is $10 and the permit is good for 2 years.

If you have any questions, contact Rosemary at 208-376-7044.

Rosemary Zimbelman, Roy Bowman, Nancy and John Boudreaux - Wagonmasters 

Monday, April 25, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS: Bully Creek Campout, May 13-15

Next up: Bully Creek Reservoir for the campout on May 13-15. Co-wagonmasters: Marcie & Dennis (site #6), Rita & Jim (site #4). Questions? Contact Marcia ( or Rita (

Bully Creek Reservoir and Campground
2475 Bully Creek Rd, Vale, OR 97918
Just outside the town of Vale, Oregon. 
Reservations (541) 473-2969. Reservations needed. $15 per night; CASH & CHECKS ONLY. (About 1.5 hour drive from Boise.)

Campsites have electric only; water spigots are here and there; dump station on site. Be sure to fill your water tank for the weekend.

Friday evening Happy Hour: 6:00 PM, site #4 in the pavilion which has lots of picnic tables for us to use. Bring snacks and goodies to share with all. Right now, 17 folks are attending. Also there is a nice fire ring at the pavilion so we'll have our campfires there. 

Saturday dinner theme: SOUP, SALAD, BREADSTICKS ... AND STEW at 6:00 PM, again site #4 in the pavilion.

Since we're not sure how much the weather will warm up (and please, everyone, think "NO WIND!"), we're looking for warm comfort food: Soups, Stews, Salads, and you can never have too much Bread! Also, some desserts would also be a sweet way to end the meal. 

If you can, add a note as to what you might bring under FOOD in the Camping Planner. ( Or let me know what you are bringing and I'll add your information to the list for you.

The campground should have lots of green grass and the trees should be in bloom by then. It's actually quite a lovely campground with large spaces for each site. And very quiet!!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you and hope others will be joining us. 

Safe travels,

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise
Camping Planner:

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Snake river weekend

Just sending a special thanks to all who came and hopefully had a great time this weekend at The Snake River Resort. The fellowship was special, new friends were met and seasoned members were welcoming. Roads were traveled by the ATVers,  fish were caught, relaxation was had, dogs were walked and absolutely the tastiest food was devoured!!! 

Hope to see everyone at bully creek in May.

Julie & Dave