Tuesday, January 25, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS: 2022 Camping information updates

 Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season! I, for one, am happy to see the sun shining today and the snow melting. Still c-c-c-cold but I can live with that. Just not thrilled with snow! The good news -- only 65 days until CAMPING SEASON STARTS!!! 

I am sending updated camping information for this year. Several changes have been made. 

  • The first campout of the season April 1-3 is still available for anyone who would like to be the wagonmaster. Let me know if you are interested. 

  • Spots for Snake River RV Park for April 22-34 are being held until Feb 1st only. Make reservations ASAP!

  • Marcia & Dennis, Jim & I are going together to host the campout on May 13-15 and we have chosen Bully Creek outside Vale, OR. Reservations can be made after April 15th. It should be really nice this year with all the rain and snow. 

  • The WARM LAKE campout date has been changed to the week before originally scheduled. The campground is closing on Monday, Sept 12th so the campout will be Sept 9-11. And remember, it's individual campsites. We do NOT have the group campground this year. 

  • Reservations can now be made for the Oct 7-9 campout at Three Island Crossing. The sooner you make reservations, the better. 

We now have a new system for signing up for campouts and food and sharing information. I have put together a Google Sheets document with all the dates and camping info, signup and attendance numbers, and members emails. Unless you go in and change the ATTENDING column from NO to YES, we'll assume you are not attending that campout. 

You will see tabs at the bottom of the document for each campout this year. Click on the tab to move from sheet to sheet. 

Bookmark this website: tinyurl.com/Camping2022 
This is where you will find the information along with our website www.TumbleweedsBoise.comPlease visit this Camping2022 document as soon as you can to sign up for any/all campouts you might be attending. Changes can be made at any time so nothing is set in stone. Also, leave whatever comments you might want others to know. If you are the wagonmaster and want to add more info about your campout, I'll be happy to help. 

Attached you will find the latest update to the camping schedule and an updated membership roster along with an updated email mailing list. Use this list if you are sending emails to the entire group. 

As always, let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions, additions/subtractions. PS -- the website is not quite up to date yet but I'm working on it. 

The Tumbleweeds Boise currently has 20 members and 12 prospects so we are growing where other clubs are losing members. Have NO idea why!!! 😊

Happy Holidays Camper.jpeg

Looking forward to seeing you all at noon on March 12th at the Outback Steakhouse in Boise!

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise