Monday, November 12, 2018

Meeting Minutes - November 10, 2018

Tumbleweeds--Meeting Minutes
Date: November 10, 2018
Location: KOA Meridian, ID

Meeting Called to Order at 12:54 pm
 by President Mark Bennett


  • Chapter Members: Roy Bowman & Rosemary Zimbelman, Tino & Janet Sanchez, Jim Craft & Rita Anderson, Jim & Beccie McDonell, Dennis & Marcia Seibel, Mark & Emma Bennett, John & Nancy Boudreaux
  • Chapter Friends: Mike & Cathie Mickelsen
  • Guests:

Minutes from last meeting: N/A

Treasures Report: Read and Approved

Old Business:

New Business:
• Officer Elections – Marcia Seibel, 2018 Directory at Large, lead the elections for 2019 officers via written ballots.
Officers for 2019 will be:

  • President: Rita Anderson
  • Vice-President: Marcia Seibel
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Sanchez
  • Director at Large: Mark Bennett

• Mark Bennett, new state assistant director for area 5 (congratulations Mark) performed the swearing in ceremony for the new officers.

• Chapter Member Roster was distributed and reviewed.

  • Please review any email lists and ensure you are using the current member list and everyone’s correct email address.

• Rita Anderson, 2018 Vice-President, distributed a proposed Campout Schedule for 2019. Wagon masters volunteered for each campout and locations were identified.

• Dues for 2019 were collected from all members present.

• Funds were also collected to cover the cost of the room and catered lunch.

Thanks to Rosemary & Rita for arranging the room and great food for today’s meeting.

Next meeting: Spring gathering. Meridian KOA meeting room. March 16th, 2019, 12pm.

Meeting adjourned 1:27 pm

Minutes Recorded by:
Janet Sanchez
Tumbleweeds Secretary/Treasurer

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tumbleweeds: Planning and Election meeting

Hello Tumbleweeds!

The Time Change happened this weekend so you know what that means -- Time to start planning for 2019 Camping Season! J


Reminder that the Planning and Election meeting is next Saturday, November 10th at the KOA in Meridian. Lunch will be served at noon with the meeting to follow.


Lunch will be from the Olive Garden. The cost for lunch, drinks, and room rental will be $15.00 per person. Also, I believe that Club Dues will also be collected, so bring your check books (right, Janet??).

I have attached a couple of the meeting handouts. The file includes an almost blank schedule for next year, a list of all the places we have visited since 2010, and a calendar from March to November 2019. I will have these same handouts for your use at the meeting so you don't need to print this one.


Mainly, look over the empty dates and start to plan which campout date you would like to host and where you would like to go. I know we all have our favorites, but there are also many sites we haven't visited in years … and there are lots more new ones listed at Let's plan some good campouts for 2019.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Take care and safe travels,

Rita J


Tumbleweeds Good Sam Chapter of Boise Idaho
President: Mark Bennett
Vice President: Rita Anderson
Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Sanchez
Director at Large - Marcia Seibel