Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Changing the date of March Meeting

I was wondering about changing the March meeting to St. Patrick's Day on Sat., March 17, as Roy and I already have a commitment for Sat., March 10, at noon.  The KOA has both Saturdays available so I tentatively reserved March 17 but, if it makes a difference, I can see about moving it back to March 10. 

I am awaiting information on changes that will be happening at the KOA.  Ron, our chef, will no longer be cooking for groups.  He is trying to locate a caterer to take over those duties.  Dates already on the 2018 calendar (which includes dates for our group in March and in November) will be honored.  If he does not get a caterer lined up, we can use the room and do pot luck.  He may charge a fee for room use but, since we are a Good Sams Group, the fee would be minimal.  Once I get more information on the changes, I will let everyone know.



UPDATE: The Board approved changing the date of the March meeting from March 10th to March 17th. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2017

Tumbleweeds--Meeting Minutes 
Date: November 11, 2017 
Location: Meridian KOA 

Meeting Called to Order at 1:45pm by Vice-President Rita Anderson 

Chapter Members: Jim Craft & Rita Anderson, Mark & Emma Bennett, Roy Bowman & Rosemary Zimbelman, Debbie Knudsen & Nancy Schlossman, Jim & Beccie McDonnell, Ken & Ginny Ohls, Tino & Janet Sanchez, Dennis & Marcia Seibel
Honorary Members: Phil & Betty Jo Courtright
Prospective Members: Martin & Judy Scheffer 

Minutes from last meeting: Minutes from September 30, 2017 were read and accepted. 

Treasures Report: Treasurer report read and accepted. 

Old Business

  • Chapter growth – Ideas were discussed to help build membership. $150 can be requested from the Idaho State Good Sam to help cover costs. 
    • It was agreed to create flyers to post at RV sales and repair locations and possibly other sites. Emma volunteered to lead the effort and Janet will assist. 
    • It was agreed to investigate real estate type signs or smaller for each member to put out at their camp site to attract potential members. These could be used any time, not just at chapter campouts. 
      • Mark will get info on frame prices from Home Depot and prices to print the sign. 
      • Tino will get prices from Bryant Ideas 
    • Mark will investigate pricing for a chapter flag and present at the next meeting for a vote. 
    • After pricing for all options is obtained the officers will submit an application to the state which must include the amount needed and how it will be used. 

New Business

  • Sites and wagon masters were determined for the 2018 campouts per the schedule provided by Rita. 
  • Officer elections were held. 2018 Officers will be: 
    • President – Mark Bennett 
    • Vice- President – Rita Anderson 
    • Secretary-Treasurer – Janet Sanchez 
    • Director at Large – Marcia Seibel 

Thanks to Rosemary Zimbelman for arranging a great facility and lunch for our meeting. 

Next Meeting: Spring Gathering, March 10, 2018, Meridian KOA. Rosemary will arrange a food and send out details. 

Meeting adjourned: 2:40pm 
Secretary Janet Sanchez