Friday, May 12, 2017

Tumbleweeds - June 2,3,4 Presidents Surprise Campout, Crouch Idaho

          Our trip to Rattlesnake Flats (as we call it) known as Snowmobile Parking Lot north of Crouch is June 2, 3, 4th. Rattlesnake Flats is a “primitive” camp area located about 9.5 miles north on S Middlefork Rd. off of the Banks-Lowman Highway west of Banks off Route 55 North. The S. Middlefork Rd becomes Middlefork Rd a couple of miles in and the site is on the left about .8 miles from the end of the pavement road on the gravel road. The location has no organized sites, you pretty much park where you want, we’ll try and secure the north end under the trees. At our pot luck get-together on Saturday night we will be supplying chicken for the meat. So bring some rolls, side dishes or desert to share for Saturday dinner. We have come to enjoy these types of meals at the Tumbleweeds gatherings because there isn’t a bad cook in the bunch (and that includes many of the men). 
Directions are as follows: 
1.     Head North on Highway 55 from Idaho 55 & E State St. in Eagle
2.    After 33.6 Miles Turn right onto Banks-Lowman Rd
3.    After 8.3 Miles Turn left onto S. Middlefork Rd. in Crouch.
4.    After 9.5 Miles Turn left onto Rattlesnake Flats.  
Please note there is a Rattlesnake Campground further north but it’s not the one we are going to.

I will plant signs along the route at appropriate spots.

There is the Silver creek Plunge, a hot springs resort about 15 miles north. We are also right across from the Middlefork of the Payette River for floating with a put in-take out spot just down the road, the water should be running high still. Always good fishing and a gun range in Garden valley on the Lowman-banks highway. A few hundred yards down the road is Tie Creek campground with water, pump style and a vault toilet. There is also good jeep. UTV and ATV trails about for those wanting to adventure out. Saturday at 10:00 AM is a farmer market in Crouch plus the Starlight Mountain Theater from 8-10 PM with 7 Brides for 6 Brothers Friday and Saturday night. There is also the golf at Terrace Lakes Resort with a heated pool and restaurant.
Hope to see you there.

Please RSVP to the above email address or call us at 208-794-6393.
Mark and Emma

A reminder we have a couple of campouts planned that require reservations, Castle Rock and Three Island Crossing, get your reservations made.


April 7,8,9

Snake River RV
Jim & Rita
April 28,29,30

Bully Creek  (Vale, OR)
Dennis & Marcia
May 19,20.21

Steamboat Gulch,  Idaho City
Deb & Nancy
June 2,3,4,

Tumbleweeds Rattlesnake, Crouch ID
The Snowmobile Parking Lot past Tie Creek
Mark & Emma
June 23,24,25

Castle Rock State Park,  Almo, ID
Jim & Beccie
July 21,22,23

Pine  (dry camp 2 miles north of Elks Flat)
GPS: 43°34'13.0"N 115°16'14.6"W
Mark & Emma
August 4,5,6,

Yankee Fork (above Stanley)
Tino & Janet
August 18,19,20

Ft. Running Bear RV Resort, Mt. Home
Roy & Rosemary
Sept 7,8,9,10

Warm Lake – Shoreline Campground
GPS: 44°39'15"N, 115°39'53"W
Dennis & Marcia
Sept 29,30,Oct1
Three Island State Park, Glenns Ferry, ID
GPS: 42°56'41"N, 115°19'5"W
Jim & Rita
Oct 20, 21,22 CANCELLED

Bruneau State Park

Nov 11th.  
Saturday 1 PM
Meeting for Elections and 2018 Schedule at KOA meeting room, Meridian, ID
Rita and Marcia

Hook ups: W=water, E=electric power, S= sewer.    D.S.= dump station on site
Primitive = Dry Camp


Mark Bennett

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Campout, Idaho City - Bennett's now hosting

Deb & Nancy are unable to host the May Campout at Idaho City.

Emma and Mark are going and will take over a hosts, but not be there until Friday afternoon. Mark will go get the signs from Dennis and Marcia.  Emma indicates they will also be doing a homemade Stew for dinner Sat. night.  Everyone please bring a side to go with that you were going to bring for Deb and Nancy’s stew.  There is great Jeep, ATV/UTV riding directly from campsite for those wishing to ride.


Mark Bennett

Friday, May 5, 2017

Meeting Minutes April 29th, 2017

Tumbleweeds—Meeting Minutes
Location: Bully Creek Reservoir Campground
Date: April 29, 2017

Meeting Called to Order at 8:00 PM by Vice President Rita Anderson
· Chapter Members: Marcia & Dennis Seibel, Roy Bowman & Rosemary Zimbelman, Tino Sanchez, Rita Anderson & Jim Craft
· Chapter Friends: none
· Guests: none

Minutes from last meeting: Minutes from April 8, 2017 meeting read and accepted with one revision: The NEXT CAMPOUT dates be changed from September 28, 29, 30 to APRIL 28, 29, 30.

Treasures Report: not available.

Old Business:
· Reminder again to make reservations for June Campout at Castle Rock State Park quickly as space is running out.

New Business:
· none

Thanks to Wagon Masters: Marcia and Dennis for a great campout.

Next Campout: May 19, 20, 21 at Steamboat Gulch in Idaho City

Wagonmasters: Deb Kundsen & Nancy Schlossman

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Vice President
Rita Anderson

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Steamboat Gluch Campout, May 19, 20, 21

Hello everybody, as you all know our next campout is May 19, 20, 21 at Steamboat Gulch just outside Idaho City, .08 miles.  Nancy and I are the Host of this campout and we will be doing a homemade Stew for dinner Sat. night.  Everyone please bring a side to go with.  There is great ATV/UTV riding directly from campsite for those wishing to ride. Unfortunately Dennis won’t be able to lead us this year so we’ll have to find our own way around.

Take highway 21 to Idaho City (36 miles from Boise)
Stay on highway 21 towards Lowman and from service station on 21 in Idaho City go .08 miles 
       (past RV dump and Cowboy campground) turn right on road marked by sign that says:
       Bannock Cr.,   Pine Cr.,   Thorn Creek L.O.   (This is a nice gravel road)
Continue on gravel road .03 miles (cross bridge) continue straight after bridge and road forks.  Take the
        right fork and cross 2nd bridge.  This will bring you into the large flat parking/camping area. 
        (This is the old Steamboat Gulch parking lot)

There is no fee for this area and it is a primitive campout.  No water, power or toilets. Nancy and I will not be there until Fridayevening around 5:30 - 6:00 due to having to work so won’t be able to get the Tumbleweed signs up till then. If somebody is going up earlier and wants to take and put the sign up on their way up please let me know.

Please RSVP so we know how many to plan for dinner Sat. night

Hope to see everyone there!!
Debbie and Nancy