Camping Schedule 2017

April 7,8,9
Snake River RV Resort in Homedale, OR

April 28,29,30
Bully Creek in Vale, OR

May 19,20,21
Steamboat Gulch in Idaho City

June 2,3,4
Rattlesnake Flats known as Snowmobile Parking Lot north of Crouch

June 23,24,25
Castle Rock State Park in Almo, ID

July 21,22,23
Pine, ID

August 5,6,7
Bonanza Campground in Yankee Fork (above Stanley)

August 18,29,20
Ft. Running Bear RV Resort in Mt. Home

Sept 7,8,9,10
Warm Lake in Cascade, ID

Sept 29,30-Oct 1
Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry
Joint Campout with Mountain Home High Desert Travelers

Oct 20,21,22
Bruneau State Park