Monday, April 10, 2017

Aaaannnnnddddd .... we're off!!

Camping Season 2017 has officially begun for the Tumbleweeds! 

The first campout of the season was at Snake River RV Park in Homedale with hosts Rita & Jim who want to say THANK YOU to all those folks who braved the cold, wet weather to join us for this campout. 

The sun snuck out every now and then on Friday and Saturday -- along with intermittent rain. 

We snagged a warm. dry spot for dinner. After dinner, a meeting and much catching up on winter activities and family happenings. 

A little after dinner dessert. S'more are NOT just for the kids! 😉

Sunday dawned with a beautiful, sunny day which reminded us all why we love to camp. 

Roy and Rosemary left early so we didn't get a pic of Roy's new rig, but come see it at the next campout. It's quite a beauty. 

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