Sunday, October 6, 2019

Poison Creek Campout RESERVATIONS timing

Hello Tumbleweeds,

Can NOT believe how fast the summer flew by. Seems like we were just at Homedale and now the joint campout is over and we're getting ready for the November election/planning meeting. More information is coming on that meeting shortly.

In the meantime, seems like everyone who attended the campout at Poison Creek Campground on Lake Cascade this year really enjoy themselves. And most want to do it again -- but a bit later in the year next year. So here's the plan. Getting far away from the 4th of July holiday and counting out the possibilities for campouts starting April 17th next year (a bit later than usual), I highly recommend we plan on going to Poison Creek July 24-26

BUT that means that reservations need to be made at 8 AM on October 24th!!!! Yes, 9 months in advance. And folks, don't hesitate ... these reservations go FAST!!!!

So if you want to go to Poison Creek in July, make your reservations in October!!! Jim and I hope to be there from Wednesday, July 22nd and stay through the next week. Hopefully we'll find a campsite. I'll let you know the site # once I have the reservations made. 

Here's my current calendar thoughts for campouts in 2020:
  • * Easter - April 12 *  
  • April 17-19
  • May 1-3
  • * Mother's Day - May 10 *
  • * Memorial Day - May 25 *
  • May 29-31
  • * Father's Day - June 21 *
  • June 26-28
  • * 4th of July *
  • July 24-26 - Poison Creek
  • August 14-16
  • * Labor Day - September 7 *
  • September 18-20 (Joint Campout with Mountain Home Travelers @ Three Island Crossing -- earlier than this year for warmer weather per requests)
Of course, nothing is set in store and the dates/locations will be determined at the November planning meeting. Check your calendars to decide which campout each rig would like to host. (Rosemary, I didn't make plans for the weekend your and Nancy have your sorority gathering, did I?)

Let me know if anyone needs further information. 

See you in November (sung to "See You In September ~ Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons."

Rita 😁

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