Sunday, March 1, 2020

TUMBLEWEEDS: Spring is a-coming! And so is camping season!!!!

The camping season is coming soon. Personally, I can't wait! 

Daylight savings time starts next weekend, Spring starts on the 20th ... and our pre-season camping meeting is on the 14th of March. To everyone who has RSVP'd, thank you. I've heard from everyone except John & Nancy. Jim & I are looking forward to a fun get-together luncheon. 

The first campout is at Bully Creek and our wagon masters are Marcia & Dennis. I'm sure we'll be hearing from Marcia soon as to the plans for this campout. The good news from Vale, Oregon is that the Starlight Cafe has reopened. The bad news is that the hours are from 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM. So I'm sure that Marcia has a plan! 😁

I am sending along the calendar of events for all who can't find the last one I sent (like me!), but here's a quick list of what's coming between March and September. 

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll see most of you on the 14th. 

Rita 😎

Upcoming Events:
  • March 14th @ noon - Casa Mexico, 10332 W Fairview Ave, Boise
  1. April 12-19 / Bully Creek Reservoir, Vale OR
    Reservations: Call 541-473-2969

  2. May 1-3 / McCormick Park in Hells Canyon Area, Cambridge, ID
    Reservations: 844-472-7275 or a+-+McCormick+Park

  3. May 29-31 / Ft Running Bear Campground, Mountain Home, ID
    Reservations: Contact Janet Sanchez

  4. June 10-14 / Samboree, Elmore County Fairgrounds, Glenns Ferry, ID

  5. June 26-28 / To Be Determined by Mark & Emma

  6. July 24-26 / Huckleberry Campground, Lake Cascade, ID

  7. August 14-16 / CJ Strike Reservoir, Cottonwood Park Campgroup, Mountain Home, ID

  8. September 11-13 / 3 Island Crossing joint campout with Mountain Home High Desert Travelers, Glenns Ferry, ID

  9. September 16-20 / Fall Roundup, Owyhee County Fairgrounds, Homedale, ID

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