Thursday, July 16, 2020

Update on the Good Sam Organization

Sharing this note which came from Cathie Mickelsen, Idaho Good Sam Director:

Notes on Good Sam International.
1. Good Sam organization (club) will not be disbanded and will move forward. I am excited about the changes that are being made.
2. There will be new changes in what is expected from all state directors.
3. There will no longer be national rallies sponsored by Camping World.
4. There are going be a monthly video conference for all state directors. This gives us a chance to gather new ideas and to solve the problems all states face. I would really appreciate hearing all ideas and concerns that you have. Idaho needs a voice in making changes so we can have what is best for our organization. All concerns need to be heard, however please bring a solution with the concern.

As for Idaho Good Sam we will be holding a State Director election in the fall.  Check the August newsletter for election details. This is good news for Idaho and I hope you are as excited as I am.

Stay safe and healthy,

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