Sunday, June 6, 2021

Mundo Hot Springs Campout Activities

Hello Campers:

I did not hear of any changes or cancellations for this weekend's campout, so we are planning for 11 rigs (22 people).  The weather looks good with predictions of a high of 68 degrees on Thursday, low of 46 (good hot spring soaking weather), to 77 on Friday, 80 on Saturday, and 85 on Sunday and partly cloudy for all days.  

On Sunday, I had a very informative telephone conversation with Sandra Hanson, Director of the Cambridge Museum.  The Cambridge Museum, 15 N Superior Street, is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00.  The town of Cambridge has Kay's Art Gallery, a shop where you can get ice cream, an antique shop, and the library is open from 1 to 6 Monday thru Sat.

For the UTV riders, we can get into town from Mundo Hot Springs on the back roads.  There are two cemeteries on the opposite sides of town that would be fun to check out, both accessible without going onto any state highways.  There is an unincorporated community of Goodrich on Goodrich Road that still has an old school house.  We could head to Cuddy Mountain - some roads may be blocked off by private property owners.   UTVers can cross Highway 95 where Bain Road turns into Burton Lane, and there are loads of back roads that can take us to Midvale and all the way to Indian Valley if we wanted  There is the "ghost town" of Salubria after crossing the road on the NE corner of the 4-way stop but not much is left.  Look for an old printing press buried in the ground.  Sandra is going to draw us a map and leave it at the Cambridge Museum for pickup.  (You don't need an UTV to search for the buried printing press.)

I might suggest that we start the UTV ride at 10:00 Friday morning at the campgrounds and head to the Cambridge Museum, where we can pick up a hand-drawn UTV map Sandra is providing us.  From there we can determine where we might want to ride on Friday and on Saturday.  Pack a lunch for each ride.  We might want to do a shorter ride on Friday and a longer ride on Saturday when the rest of the riders arrive.  That would give us time Friday afternoon to enjoy the Hot Springs and the non-motorized Weiser River Trail before Happy Hour around 6:30 p.m. (bring appetizer to share, your drink, and table service).  We are thinking we might have five or six UTVs when everyone arrives.  BBQ chicken potluck will be around 6:30 on Saturday (bring dish to share, your drink and table service), with your Wagon Masters providing the chicken.  Campfires both Friday and Saturday nights.  Short meeting Saturday after potluck.

Sandra suggested next year we change our camping date to the first weekend of June and attend Hells Canyon Days in Grangeville.  Among the activities are a car and truck show.  Roy and I entered his T-Bird in the car show a number of years ago while attending Hells Canyon Days for the day.  It was a fun day.

We are very excited to be hosting this weekend's campout and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Roy Bowman
Rosemary Zimbelman
Wagon Masters for Mundo campout