Friday, July 16, 2021

TUMBLEWEEDS: Campout #6 - Poison Creek

Good Friday morning, Tumbleweeds.
Only 2 weeks from today is Campout #6 - July 30-Aug 1 at Poison Creek campground on Lake Cascade!!!

Can you please let me know if you are attending this campout and your site number? So far, I know about these folks. Please let me know if you are or are not coming. 
  • Rita & Jim (wagonmasters) - #233
  • Julie & Dave (co-wagonmasters) - #244 (Thursday)
  • Roy & Rosemary - #239 (Thursday?)
  • Janet & Tino + 2 - #236
  • Marcia & Dennis - #237
  • Mark & Emma - Buttercup #106 (Tuesday July 27 till Monday Aug 2)
  • Katie & Frank
  • Leigha & Dave
  • Bonnie & Dennis
NOTE: If you have reservations but have decided not to go, please let me know before you cancel your reservations. Several folks are still looking for a campsite.

As of today, there is still one site available at West Mountain campground for that weekend.

We will be having a HAPPY HOUR with appetizers/goodies for all on Friday night at 6:00 PM. Since their campout was cancelled, Julie & Dave have asked if they could host the Happy Hour on Friday night. So we'll be at Site #244 on Friday at 6 pm. Julie is using her ideas for her Hawaiian-themed campout. If you want to contribute what you had planned for the last campout, bring it on!!!

Saturday night, 6 pm, at Rita & Jim's Site #233. Dinner will be lots of specialty pizza from Growlers in Donnelly. Julie is adding an antipasto so we'll also need sides/salads/desserts to go with the rest of the meal. Remember: anything is good with pizza!!!

I'll let you know how many are attending once I have a total headcount. (We have a membership of 18 rigs this year so this number is becoming important!)

Questions? I'm here to help. Really looking forward to this campout! The weather is improving in Donnelly and is looking really good!

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise

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