Tuesday, February 21, 2023

TUMBLEWEEDS -- Pre-seasoning Get-together luncheon - RESERVATIONS NEEDED!

DATE: March 18th @ noon
LOCATION: Outback Steakhouse - 7189 W Overland Rd, Boise
Spring is in the air!!! 🌷 πŸŒ» πŸ

This is our unofficial kickoff to the upcoming camping season which begins on April 14th at Bruneau Sand Dunes. Come join us to get the "skinny" on all the upcoming campouts and to be sure your reservation list is up to date (also check the Camping Planner). 

So far, only 19 folks have signed up (see list below). That's a very small crowd compared to last year. 

Reservations need to be made with me or on the Camping Planner no later than Sunday, March 12th, please!!! 

If you are unable to add to the Camping Planner, let me know you are attending and I will mark the planner for you. 

First Name Last Name Number
Rita & Jim Anderson / Craft 2
Bud & Terri Barnes 2
John & Nancy Boudreaux 2
Roy & Rosemary Bowman / Zimbelman 2
Lou & Kathy da Rosa 2
Lois & Bill James 2
Jim & Beccie McDonell 2
Ryan & Sharon Montgomery 1
Katie & Frank Moseanko 2
Julie & David Wander 2
I'm looking forward to seeing all and to getting this new season off to a good start!!!


Rita πŸ˜Š
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise
Camping Planner: tinyurl.com/Camping2023

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