Monday, August 8, 2022

TUMBLEWEEDS: Next campout, Riverpond

Can you believe it? Only 3 more campouts left this season. Where IS the summer going???? 🤓

Next up: August 26-28 @ Riverpond RV Park in Crouch
Wagonmasters: Jim & Beccie McDonell / Email:
$25 a night with power. Some water supply available.
Reservations needed.
I am sure that Beccie will be sending out more information shortly. 

At this moment, 24 folks (13 rigs) are attending.
First Name Last Name Attending Number Comments/Sites Food
Kit & Tom Bielawski Yes 2 F6  
Nancy & John Boudreaux Yes 2 #C  
Bonnie & Dennis Bowers Yes 2    
Roy & Rosemary Bowman / Zimbelman Yes 2 C1 - Thur - Sun - bringing UTV  
Mae Engelhart Yes 1 F5  
Rod & Sue Gallegos Yes 2 C2 Thur-Sun - bringing UTV  
Kathie & Bill Horner Yes 2 R3  
Jim & Beccie McDonell Yes 2    
Ryan & Sharon Montgomery Yes 1 Ryan coming Sat w/UTV  
Sandi & Mark Perkey / Messing Yes 2 C2 or C6  
Robbin & Carl Smith Yes 2 C7 Thur - Sun  
Sally & John Sokolik Yes 2 C4  
Julie & David Wander Yes 2 C5 Thurs.- Sunday  

Contact Jim & Beccie if you have questions.
Also fill in the Camping Planner if you are attending but not listed or if you are bringing food. 

Rita 😊
Rita Anderson, President
Tumbleweeds Boise
Camping Planner:

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